Our story

Founded in France in 2019, Bealink has made a noticable entry into the EdTech world.

Convinced that the many technologies that are slowly but surely coming to maturity will have a profound impact on the role of humans in economic activity (energy storage, robotics, IOT, genomics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, autonomy, aeronautics… ) and faced with the first-hand observation that digital learning was struggling to be a vector of inclusion, to open up to the world and to create development opportunities, Bealink was born out of the desire to reinvent learning through technology while retaining its essential human dimension.

Today, Bealink brings together passionate people who share a vision and a set of common values.

Bealink is a pioneer in learning technology and our solutions have been recognised worldwide on several occasions and are now used by more than a million learners in nearly 50 countries.

In December 2023, and after more than 3 years of collaboration and proven synergies, Bealink joined french TMS and LMS provider Syfadis.

Our mission

Be a link between humans and technology

Our vision

The right content, in the right place, at the right time

Our values


Sharing, dialogue and curiosity

Dialogue is a source of wealth.


Accountability, honesty and recognition

The relationship with people is central to all of our decisions.


Advancement, innovation and self-improvement

There are no limits, just oppotunities

Our team

Morgan Naud
Morgan NaudCEO
Matthieu Barthélémy
Matthieu BarthélémyCTO
Éric Sousa Lopes
Éric Sousa LopesLead Developer
Pierre Garcia
Pierre GarciaLead Mobile Developer
Lina Glover
Lina GloverSolutions Architect
Benjamin Aimé
Benjamin AiméHead of Marketing
Benjamin Delmas
Benjamin DelmasSenior Integration Engineer
Benjamin Grellet
Benjamin GrelletSenior Integration Engineer
Julien Méry
Julien MéryHead of Sales
Nathan Biot
Nathan BiotSoftware Development Engineer
Andy Clergot
Andy ClergotSoftware Development Engineer
Paul Barnabet
Paul BarnabetCustomer Success Manager
Sami Kallel
Sami KallelSoftware Development Engineer
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