Groupe VYV X Bealink

How Groupe VYV uses Bealink to integrate multiple HRIS tools and deliver knowledge across various entities.

What they say about us

The context of Groupe VYV

VYV Group is France’s leading mutual health and social protection company, with almost 45,000 employees. The VYV Group is the result of the union of several mutual and social economy players: Chorum, Harmonie mutuelle, MGEFI, MGEN, MMG, MNT, Groupe Arcade-VYV, VYV3, and was seeking to empower group management for the various companies.

Grope VYV’s need

Groupe VYV needed a solution that could connect to existing HRIS tools in the group’s various companies to provide a personalized platform for group employees, enabling them to decentralize training management.

The solution

The solution is a platform connected to the group’s various HRIS tools, in which each company represents an entity and can manage and build its own training courses, based on a group catalog with its own content. Entities can create their own pages, manage their own events, build their own courses and academies…