Alstom X Bealink

How Alstom uses Bealink to offer an single end-to-end learning experience to it’s employee including skills, careers, knowledge sharing, experts and more.

What they say about us

What they say about us

Alstom’s context

Alstom is the global leader in transportation system solutions. They are present in 70 countries and employ 80,00 people. The company has been growing very rapidly in recent years and learning has been a critical issue in the organisation for onboarding new employees and absorbing the extra complexity of their organisation. The organisation has become very digital and has put a lot of emphasis employee experience and needed a simple solution on the learning side.

Alstom’s need

With it’s grow and global scale, Alstom needed to scale L&D across their organisation with a digital solution. Knowledge was concentrated geographically so they needed to propagate this knowledge to other parts of the world. They also needed to centralize learning for data management purposes and develop a simple workflow for skill development.

The solution

The solution was to deploy Bealink as single platform covering the end-to-end learning experience for their employee by centralizing all their learning, connecting to their HRIS tools(SAP SucessFactor and Crossknowledge), and tailor the skills development workflow to their need by linking skills, skill levels, contents and paths, training requests, development plans, personal interviews, manager validation, certifications, jobs and careers.


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