KparK x Bealink

Find out how KparK uses the multi-source and multi-modal dimensions of LXP Bealink to launch its corporate university in less than 6 months.

The context

KparK is a French company specialising in home insulation through renovation and replacement of custom-made joinery. The company has nearly 1000 employees and was looking to launch a corporate university to train their field teams.

The challenge

The challenge for KparK was to quickly launch an engaging corporate university for these employees. They were looking for a tool that:

  • Has an attractive user interface and is available both on mobile and on the web
  • Allows them to capitalise on their existing materials
  • Allows them to easily organise multi-format training courses
  • Allows them to easily manage their synchronous training events and to organise digital practice events
  • Enables them to enrich and develop their training activities over time.

The solution

The solution for KparK is a standalone platform that combines digital training paths, synchronous events and hands-on activities in a single application to train 600 blue-collar employees.

  • Thanks to the multi-format playlist features, they can easily organise their different materials to create training paths.
  • Improve the visibility and availability of synchronous events and facilitate enrolment.
  • Track the progress of their various learners.

The results


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