Adeo x Bealink

How ADEO built a multi-LMS and multimodal ecosystem to streamline their L&D and HRIS efforts across its different entities.

The context

ADEO is a global group in the sale of consumer goods for DIY and decoration. The group’s subsidiaries include brands such as Leroy Merlin and Bricoman. The group employs around 150,000 people and has a network of 900 shops in 20 different countries. They are equipped with numerous learning tools (LMSs, mobile learning, authoring tools, etc.) throughout the different countries in which they are established and their various subsidiaries.

The challenge

The challenge for ADEO was to streamline their learning strategy across their various subsidiaries. This included:

  • Creating a centralised content catalogue that is integrated with the group’s various tools
  • Providing a single point of entry for both content access and learning management
  • Creating customised homepages according to branches and learner profiles
  • Provide a social dimension and allow their business experts to share their expertise

The solution

Create a single entry point for all the group’s employees to a learning ecosystem that aggregates all the group’s content in a single application available on mobile and on the web and integrated with their various tools (Netex, WBT Manager, Beedeez…).

Among others, Bealink’s role, recommendations, pages and widgets, and event management features allow them to:

  • Ensure consistency of the learning experience for the different subsidiaries and according to the learner’s profile
  • Build a multi-modal learning experience
  • Streamline strategy and spend at group level while leaving autonomy to individual subsidiaries
  • Capitalise on their existing materials in different languages
  • Facilitate information sharing by subject-matter experts

Bealink has provided us with an innovative solution that allows us to consolidate our content catalogue to better distribute it. Beyond the various integrations, it’s the back-office capabilities that are really incredible and allow us to customise the learning experience according to the learner’s profile. For example, an employee working in the plumbing department will have a completely different experience to an employee working in the gardening department.

Thibault Galy-Dejean, Skilltech Manager @ Leroy Merlin

The results

+10 platforms

Connected to the learning ecosystem

6 weeks

To deploy the solution


Participation rate


Contents created by suject-matter experts