Learning Analytics in the LXP era


First of all, Learning Analytics, what is it? Learning Analytics is about leveraging a framework for systematically collecting, processing, enriching, analyzing and visualizing data generated by a learning ecosystem to address concrete business learning issues. It is important to keep this definition in mind because it emphasizes that Learning Analytics is only a tool, [...]

Combine informal and formal learning in your learning environment


Ever since the coming inception of the first e-learning platforms, the behavior of learners has evolved. The type of content made available to them must therefore adapt. Nowadays, many prefer to learn through other channels than those made available by their company. They are getting more and more content on Youtube, articles, podcasts, webinars... [...]

Total Learning Architecture (TLA), the ultimate strategy for your learning environment


You probably already know about xAPI from our article on the Learning Record Store (LRS). It is the new reporting standard issued by the ADL agency and developed to evaluate training and learning activities within the US Department of Defense. This standard, which exists since 2016, is gradually making its way to corporate learning [...]

What is contextual learning?


Contextual learning is a strategy involving presenting information in the right context and in a way that suits the learner to improve on the learning process. It enables the learner to draw from the context of the information he is receiving. For example, offering an Excel tutorial when the person is working on Excel. [...]

Bealink, the Spotify of Digital Learning


You probably already know about the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  This practice consists of bringing your personal device (tablet, smartphone, pc) into the work environment.  Consequently, it applies even far beyond computer hardware. A large number of B2C platforms like Spotify, IMDB, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Youtube... can be brought to the work environment.  [...]

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